Creative Ways to Get an SEO Job at a Marketing Agency


Getting an SEO job these days is pretty easy thanks to the explosive growth of the internet and online business. It also helps that most businesses are clueless when it comes to SEO and 90% of candidates blag their way into an SEO role. Maybe even more than that.

I have worked for myself most of my life so have only had two jobs. Both within SEO. But both times it was really easy. Even the first time with a blank CV back in 2013.

If you want to be a bit more creative when finding an SEO role, try these:

1. Rank for an Agencies Brand Name

I was going to do this back in 2013, but I didn’t have time as a job landed instantly.

Do a bit of research – find an agency that you like the look of and think there may be a good opportunity for growth with and then stick a page or post up on your own website.

Title it “Agency Name – Hire Me!” Get it ranking. Fast.

Business owners always search for their own company name to check on their brand image and such. Trust me, they’d be impressed. And if they’re not, make it a negative review.

That’s a joke. Don’t really. There’s no way they couldn’t be impressed.

Expect a call. And a job. From them, or their competitor.

This isn’t just a way to show off your ability. It also shows that you can think outside the box, be creative and will put in the required work to get what you want. And that’s exactly what marketing agency owners are looking for. Those mindsets deliver for clients.

2. Rank Their Client for Them

SEO agencies often put links back to themselves within the footer area of their clients websites. Have a look through their link profile and find some of these.

Select a client with low hanging fruit. That’s a page, keyword, or both, that requires a small amount of work to deliver a result. Try looking at the anchor profile within Ahrefs and selected something they’ve directly targeted in the past.

Do some keyword research and fire some links at it.

Wait for the movement you want and then shoot them an email.

“You’re welcome!” Give them some on-site recommendations to compliment your off-site work and then disappear into the darkness. I see a meeting the following day.

3. Use the Power of Anchor Text to Delight

Anchor text within links is what ultimately drives rankings.

I proved this once by ranking the Paramount Digital website for the term “croc monster seo” with zero mention of it on-site. Just a link back with that anchor text.

So you could do something like this. Point a link or two to their website with the anchor “where does your name work?” Give it some time for the value to flow and then either wait for them to notice it in their link profile, or email them and tell them to Google that term.

How could anyone not be impressed by that?

This displays an even more technical understanding of SEO.

So there you have it. If you were wondering how to get an SEO job, these are just 3 creative ways to do it. And if that’s too much work for you, SEO probably isn’t for you.

Any of your own ideas or questions? Drop a comment below.