How to Work from Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Work from Home Coronavirus

Not everybody is cut out for working from home, but a large percentage of us who work in digital may soon need to do it for at least a short while in the midst of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Many people complain that they’d get bored working at home, which is understandable given that there’s no social interaction and far too many distractions. But working from home can still include engagement with others, and you can stop yourself from watching films, or playing on your Xbox. Quite easily.

For employers, on the other hand, home working can be difficult to accept.

Especially for businesses owned by the older generation.

But there are things that both employers and employees can do, especially during these testing times with COVID-19, to adept to home-working and protect the health and revenue of their businesses.


  • Use something like ActivTrak to track time and productivity
  • Try Slack for real-time communication amongst teams with team channels
  • Monday will help with task planning and project management
  • Divert office calls to team members – rotate staff
  • Trust your employees as the majority will be more productive at home


  • Create a to-do list each morning before your day begins
  • Turn off the TV unless you can focus with it on in the background
  • Put your mobile phone in a drawer and get it out only on scheduled breaks
  • Take your usual breaks and lunch as you would at the office
  • Use earphones if music helps you to focus

I’ve worked from home for a total of more than 10 years so far in my life so I can see the positives and the negatives, for both employees and employers. The only thing I ever disliked about working from home was lack of interaction with like-minded individuals, but this can be resolved via a number of channels.

And as an employer I know it’d take a little time for me to trust that my staff where showing the same level of productivity and dedication as in the office, but that’s where the tools mentioned above can help.

Either way – working from home right now is something we should be doing where possible.

It could save lives, and will definitely take pressure off the NHS.